ЕCONT Delivery

Shop firmly without worries, Martini Shoes offers secure shopping and works only with the right courier companies. 

Delivery is at the expense of the customer !

Price of the delivery to OFFICE of Еcont is 3.60* лв.

*Additional fee from 1.2% of the value of your order will be charged when paying with "Cash on delivery" from the office.

The delivery price for all orders (regardless of their value) to the address starts at 5.50* лв. (for some small settlements, the office option might not be available so the delivery to the address will be more expensive).

*Additional fee from 2.4% of the value of your order will be charged when paying with "Cash on delivery" from the address.

Each order is sent with the "Open and Check" option. Upon refusal of an order after opening and / or checking the order, the client is obliged to pay the courier's expense of the shipment.

Deliveries can be made throughout the day !
The delivery time on the territory of Bulgaria is made from 1 to 3 business days (including Saturday until noon)

Exchanges and Returns

The cost of courier services in both directions for the exchange is at the expense of the Customer.

You can take advantage and return the merchandise within 14 working days.

In case you want to return a product, the costs of returning is at the expense of the Customer ! 

After returning a product, the money is paid through CASH PAYMENT ! 

Please fill up the Return form and comment whether you want the product to be replaced or you prefer to be refunded by us. Send us your product back to the office of Econt Marten - Мартен ул. Родопи №2.

ATTENTION: Please make sure that the product you are returning or replacing is in its original form sent by the seller. Worn, damaged or missing box products will not be accepted.